Happy New Year! 2018!

For those of you who are still standing and dreaming at the end of 2017:

The process you are in is not black and white, it's layered and multi-dimensional. Thank you for being patient with yourself as it unravels to reveal itself to you.

The love and connection you desire to feel is within you guiding you to love yourself more and more all the time so that you can see more reflections of this love around you. Thank you for choosing to love yourself even when it's been hard. You are love and deserve as much of it as you can hold in your heart.

The abundance you are seeking is the infinite amount of consciousness/potential you have access to. If you exist where you are, everything you need to reflect your existence back to you also exists where you are as well. Thank you for giving abundantly, thank you for loving abundantly, thank you for being abundantly.

Your dreams and desires are here because you co-created them with the world. They are simultaneously your highest excitement and what the world is calling forth from you to continue its momentum into and more loving and connected reality. Thank you for starting to work on your dreams, thank you for continuing to work on your dreams. The world needs and desires your dreams to crystallize so that we can all see more of what's possible.

Thank you for your willingness to live, even when it's hard to understand why certain things are happening around you. Thank you for listening to the voice within you that you know loves you more than you can understand. Thank you for expressing yourself, loving yourself, healing yourself, creating yourself, and BEING yourself. None of us could do what you came here to do. Thank you and I love you 

Happy 2018 my loves!