Will You Decide?

The Simplest Pathway to Bliss, Fun, and Freedom! 

WHat is #DecideToBe?

#DecideToBe came as an answer to a question, "What can everyone in the world do right now to be happier and more fulfilled?" After having allowed the fullness of this concept to emerge within her own life, Chloë DeChelle now extends this opportunity to all through a brilliantly synthesized pathway to this priceless understanding.

to Be Or Not To Be?


You may be thinking "I already am being, right?" Allow me to elaborate.  

When I refer to the decision to be, I'm referring to being at the highest level you have access to from where you are!  I'm referencing the person you desire to be from the highest levels of understanding you currently have.  

Who Do You Think You Are?

We all have in our minds what we think we are, but we also all have in our minds the vision of who we would like to be.  For many, the decision to close this gap and be the best version of themselves has been stalled by questions like "Is this the right path?" "What if I'm being selfish?" "How do I know this will make me happy?"  "What if I can't do it?" and so on and so forth.

What most don't know is that, these questions arise from a misunderstanding of reality.  When we access the highest levels of frequency we have access to (bliss, love, desire, etc.), we activate within us a timeless and all-knowing presence that is interwoven with all of life and creation.  When this presence is tuned into consciously and with clear intent, it can be used to create the highest vision of oneself while simultaneously creating a loving and connected space for others to also express themselves.  

You hear that?! The most loving thing you can do for the world is to connect with the loving and connected parts of yourself!  It's really quite fun!

When I sat with the question "What can everyone in the world do right now to be happier and more fulfilled?", it became clear that the commonality we all have is that we all exist, and that by simply accessing unrestricted existence in a focused way the individual and collective alike can effortlessly create itself anew!



The pathway is simple, and literally anyone can take advantage of it for epic transformation and awakening: 

  1. Align to Your Flow
  2. Listen for Directions
  3. Dismantle Your Limitations
  4. Take Inspired Action

Here's a deeper breakdown!

Align to Your Flow

Most people spend their lives looking for the right set of actions to take to be fulfilled, in love, happy, and so on... During the first phase of #DecideToBe, the natural flow which exists within present based awareness is tuned into and begins to unfold naturally and rapidly.  This foundational teaching can be applied to determining true desires, raising vibration, and conscious creation.  In other words, you will learn to access the "drawing board" of creation!

Infinite potential can be scary and daunting or FUN and exciting?! How will you choose to see it?

Infinite potential can be scary and daunting or FUN and exciting?! How will you choose to see it?

Listen For Directions

Being able to listen is at the core of understanding and accepting oneself and one's true desires.  Intuition and inspiration are the pathways through which we are all able to gain insight into our experiential realities, we just have to know how to hear them.  To hear and differentiate these messages allows for prioritization above the white noise of the mind.  Even if you only have your next step, you are able to move forward!

Dismantle Your Limitations

Where are your limits? What do you think is possible for yourself?  In a perspective constructed in truth and love, there are no limits! Anytime you accept your desire as the path you wish to take, anything that has kept you from the pursuit of these desires in the past will surface to make sure that you are certain of your direction.  You will learn that limitations are only the containers we must open to receive our gifts, and that your fear is nothing to fear.  Dismantling paradigms is a natural part of expansion and can be done effortlessly with a healthy understanding. 

We are always one thought away from fulfillment! 

We are always one thought away from fulfillment! 

Take Inspired Action

Taking action in today's world has become a badge of honor.  However, those who work the hardest are often not the ones who reap the most reward.  The reason for this disparity between hours of input to the quality of output is because work only yields the fruits of the consciousness that inspired the work! In other words, how aligned is the perspective around your actions?  Discovering your blueprint, listening for directions, and dismantling limitation all lead to the last and final decision in your creative process, TAKING INSPIRED ACTION!  Key word, INSPIRED.  When your action is based on inspiration from your higher frequency thoughts, the outcomes relate to a higher frequency vision!