"The mind loves to solve problems, but problems don’t need to be solved.  You can leave that which is not an expression of you in the universe you found it and embrace your preference whole heartedly."

-Chloë DeChelle

How It All Began...

As early as 10 years old, I remember asking questions like "What is infinity?" or "Why am I here?".  



The intensity of my desire to understand the nature of reality grew exponentially as I went through the educational system and into the world.


I couldn't understand how in a world of such abundance, that there could still be people whose needs were unmet. 


After turning 18, I began to distance myself more and more from the person I'd been conditioned to be. There were simply too many of my questions going unanswered.  


In a last ditch attempt I began following my intuition, and decided to study certain anomalies that my understanding at the time couldn't explain.  My rationale was simple: If I can understand these things that are unexplainable within my current paradigms, I can shift into a new paradigm that is closer to what's actually going on here.


After looking deeply into near death experiences (NDA's), extraterrestrial encounters, Eastern philosophy, quantum physics and Law of Attraction, I started to see the patterns.  It finally started clicking!  These questions that were seemingly unanswerable, were now crystal clear answers with practical application! 


The first conclusion: Everything is connected and originates from the same source.  (Oneness)


The second conclusion: Awareness adds momentum to experience. (Creation)


The third conclusion: If you can clear your mind of conditioning, you can see yourself and the world as it truly is. (Consciousness)


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From these conclusions, I've been able to elaborate on the ways which these concepts apply to a range of topics including conscious creatorship, empowerment, and connection to all that is. 


As I began applying this understanding I noticed that not only could I create myself and my experiences at will, but I also learned that simply by being aware we ALL have the ability to do so.

Conscious co-creation is the process of discerning a mutually aligned goal and channeling the energy of the relationship into it’s manifestation.
— Chloë DeChelle


Conscious creation only requires understanding the nature of your experience enough to believe that whatever it is that you want is possible.  


Some of my friends call me the "Consciousness Calculator" because I'm able to precisely hone in on limiting perspectives and beliefs for the purpose of shifting myself and others into more and more empowered and creative states.  


It's actually 'fun' for me, like a puzzle I get to put together.  Which brings me to why we're both here. 



My mission as a teacher and catalyst is to create a community of conscious creators, all of whom have the ability to dismantle any limiting paradigms they encounter along their paths.  


My vision for you (if you're willing) is to create the highest possible vision of yourself that you can. 


I'm excited to co-create with you!  Follow me on all things social media @chloedechelle for updates, and subscribe to my email list for details about upcoming events and co-creative opportunities!


Infinite Love, Chloë